Reuse Textiles

Reuse Textiles

Many people ask, what does REUSE mean in reference to textile items.

In most cases, reuse means the ability to re-use an item for the purpose it was originally designed. Such as a handbag being able to be reused without modification.

At DLG Australia, we Reuse over 14% of textiles that we collect from the tipface/tip bound locations. It is great to see that an item that was about to be buried in Australian landfill now has anopportunity for at least one extra-life before it is downcycled into rag or recycled twine.

At DLG Australia, we support numerous local charities with financial support from our profits, free clothing vouchers, logisitcal support, book fairs and so much more. It is important to us that we support our community both environmentally and financially to those who need support. We do this via our Reuse/Repurpose/Recycle OP Shop located on the South Coast of NSW in South Nowra.

Support DLG Australia by dropping in to our OP shop, or viewing our 100% Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle products on