Recycled Polypropylene Mats:

Our extensive range of PP mats, used in the Camping, outdoors, caravanning and home décor industries are made under this stringent process of 100% recycled product stewardship.

Our products are all UV treated and made to high levels of workmanship using only Recycled materials and workforce compliant with accepted adherence to WHS, MSA and living wage conditions.

Purchasing a Recycled PP mat from DLGAUSTRALIA, shows your support of and commitment to a high level of workforce dignity, and environmental assistance.

ALL plastics recycled for use in these products are sourced from both waste stations and residential plastic waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfill or contaminating our waterways.

Textile Recycling:

We accept/collect excess clothing/accessories from households and businesses to ensure the Landfill in Australia is kept clear of textile waste. There is no need for the majority of textile items to end up in the landfill stream.

We can arrange collection from anywhere in Australia, and are even able to facilitate a payment for those items under the right conditions. Regardless of your location/industry we can assist you in your recycling goals at ZERO COST to you for that facilitation.

Within our association of partners, we processed in excess of 5,000,000kg of textile waste bound for Australian Landfill in 2019/20, with 1,000,000kgs of that for the NSW South Coast alone.

Recycled Textile Products:

We have a full range of products made from Recycled Textiles which are all the same or better quality than the virgin products available from other wholesalers.

Towels, Tea-Towels, Cloths, Rugs, Mats, Handbags, Table Cloths and so much more are available at prices equal to or less than the major retailers are offering in their chains.

It takes 270 litres of water to make 1 tablecloth from virgin cotton. It takes only 10ml (table spoon) of water to make a recycled cotton tablecloth to the same or better quality level.