Say NO to Chinese Imported Outdoor Mats

Say NO to Chinese Imported Outdoor Mats

The significant majority of Caravan and Outdoor mats by the major Mat sellers (inlcuding most of the big names in 'Recycled Caravan Mats') are just imported directly from China. YOUR HARD EARNED $$$ are going directly back to non-transparent Slave labour supportive system of business and as it is a Communist nation - your $$$ also make it back to the Chinese Government to used against our AUSTRALIAN interests now and into the future.

By supporting DLG Australia as an Australian Owned VERIFIED business, you are ensuring that 100% of your $$$ are staying within Australia and the Commonwealth only where Australia's nation interest and that of the Quad are ALWAYS PUT FIRST.

At DLG Australia, we collect over 2,000,000kgs of Australian Textiles from AUSTRALIAN LANDFILL every year. Our entire process of collection, sorting, recycling and Manufacturing of our outdoor and indoor mat range is done solely within Australia and our Commonwealth Allies only. 

We don't pay commission to travelling salesman to inundate every show/event as a fly-by-night mat seller - at DLG Australia it is the OWNERS of the company that attend select events to promote and sell our products, while also maintaining a Brick and Mortar 6 days/week shopfront and online business. We do not hide behind one-off events and behind a computer screen, we are there in-person to stand behind our product offering.

We know our product inside and out, and are an active part of the entire production process. 

SUPPORT AUSTRALIAN BUSINESS by buying from DLG Australia where you are guaranteed of a high quality, purpose made for Australian Conditions Outdoor and Indoor mat range.