Recycled Mats @ DLG Australia - How are we Different?

Recycled Mats @ DLG Australia - How are we Different?

At DLG Australia we do not import mats from China and resell like the majority of Caravan mat sellers.

We have collected over 3,000,000kgs to date of Australia Sourced Landfill textiles, where it is then par-sorted and baled in Australia on NSW South Coast ready for our RRRecycle process - specifically created and operated by DLG Australia.

100% of our recycling and manufacturing processes occur in AUSTRALIA or within the COMMONWEALTH only. 

Over 50% of the profits from DLG Australia operations in 2022 were donated to local not for profit operations and charitable organisations as part of our commitment to our community. 

We are the only Recycled Mat Supplier in Australia that collects locally sourced waste textiles for RRRecycling and also operates a shopfront 6 days/week (not hiding behind websites or travelling shows) and guarantees you speak to an owner every time you call us or email us.