What is a Recycled Mat??

What is a Recycled Mat??

Unlike what many other 'sellers' will tell you, these Caravan and Camping mats ARE NOT made from Plastic Bottles. They are made from 100% Recycled Polypropylene which includes such things as kitchen plastics (tupperware, spatulas etc), outdoor hard plastic chairs/furnishings and much more.

If any seller says they are made from Plastic Bottles, then be very aware that the mat will likely soften significantly under the sun (as a plastic bottle does) and you will not be impressed by the mat after 6-12mths use.

With our mats being made of CERTIFIED PP materials (including sourced right here in AUSTRALIA) you can rest assured that your Caravan Mat or Camping Mat is heat resistant and will last well.

We are the only Recycled Mat company in Australia that sources Textiles and Plastics from AUSTRALIAN landfill as part of our mix, collecting over 5,000,000kgs in the last 25mths direct from Australian Waste transfer Sites.

We are also the ONLY Recycled Mat / Caravan Mat seller that has a fully functioning bricks and mortar stroefront, recycling system and 100% of the entire operation operating within Australia and the Commonwealth only (no China low quality products from us !!!)