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Our Recycled Plastic Mats are an Eco-Friendly Flooring Solution

Our Recycled Plastic Mats are an Eco-Friendly Flooring Solution

Camping and caravanning often mean you track sand and dust into your setup, leading to unnecessary cleaning during a vacation. DLG Australia’s range of recycled plastic mats allows you to keep your interior free from dirt while providing a trendy and comfortable flooring solution.

Have you ever wondered what happens to discarded plastic waste? While many companies focus on steel and wood upcycling initiatives, we concentrate on turning unwanted materials into high-quality mats made from recycled plastic. This environmentally-friendly production process is not only kind to the planet but results in durable mats with a plethora of uses.

  • Resource Conservation. Often, we transform recycled materials into new, usable products, just like our recycled floor mats. This process reduces the need to use additional natural resources for manufacture. If we do not recycle our used materials, new products require us to extract the raw materials from the Earth through damaging processes such as mining and forestry. By supporting companies that upcycle previously used resources, we can preserve and protect our natural surroundings for future generations.
  • Energy-saving. Using recycled materials to manufacture new products uses significantly less energy than required when using raw materials for the same process. Extraction, refining, processing, and transportation of raw materials require a considerable amount of energy compared to recycled materials which are ready to use when needed.
  • Protects the environment. Since recycling reduces the need for mining, refining, and treating new resources, using recycled materials for manufacture dramatically reduces water and air pollution. The energy-saving processes used in conjunction with recycled materials also lessen greenhouse gas emissions, which assists in reversing the effects of climate change. 
  • Reduces landfills. When companies and households choose to recycle, we can then manufacture the material into new products. This practice results in a significant amount of rubbish eluding landfills. Landfills across the globe produce around a quarter of the world’s methane emissions, which is one of the most powerful greenhouse gasses. Keeping our landfills free from recyclables also reduces the chance of toxic chemicals reaching our soil and water sources.

What You Should Know About Our Recycled Mats in Australia

From sourcing the materials to our stringent production process, we pride ourselves on producing top-quality outdoor mats to suit various requirements.

  • Making your outdoor space comfortable is simple with our recycled plastic floor mat range. Designed to withstand Australia’s harsh elements, our recycled mats are robust and kind to Mother Earth. Manufactured from various pp waste, our eco-friendly mats provide versatility for both interior and outdoor uses. The lightweight, easy-to-store properties make them ideal for camping with limited space, easy to clean and come in a vast array of colours and styles.
  • Our core values ensure that our entire manufacturing process focuses on fair labour practices that further align with our love for our planet. We control each recycling stage, working with local and international recycling plants to lessen the waste in landfills while creating environmentally-friendly recycled mats. We are proud to involve ourselves in the entire recycling process, which allows us to continuously improve our supply chain objectives and ultimately ensure we offer the highest-quality recycled materials for our range.
  • Not only do our mats feature UV resistance to preserve the colour, but our materials are breathable to preserve the grass underneath them. Ideal for high traffic areas, our reversible mats comprise both hand stitching and machine weaving as part of their manufacturing process to ensure the longevity of your item. The water-resistant properties ensure quick drying, with a non-slip finish for extra comfort. Our recycled plastic bath mat range is mildew resistant, making it ideal for high water and steam density areas.

Key Questions to Ask DLG Australia About Recycled Picnic Mats

Our knowledgeable team are ready to equip you with all the information you need about our range of stylish recycled mats.

  • Are your mats recyclable? Absolutely. If you feel that you no longer require its services or want to get a different colour, our mats are 100% recyclable and ready for re-manufacture.
  • Can you cut a mat into a specific size? Cutting our mats could cause the weaving to unravel, so we would not recommend altering the size. However, our rugs come in various shapes and dimensions for you to find your perfect fit.
  • Are your rugs suitable for pets? Our rugs do not harbour dust mites or fleas and are effortlessly hosed down thanks to their water and dust-resistant properties. This feature makes them an ideal floor covering solution for homes with animals.

About DLG Australia

We bridge the gap between the demands for high-quality mats with a reduced carbon footprint to slow down climate change. Partnering with our associates in India allows us to support worthy recycling initiatives that follow fair working conditions. The result is our range of guilt-free recycled mats that boost local economies, reduce landfills, and provide you with a high-quality item that you can use anywhere. Our portable mats are ideal for any occasion and offer comfort and style to your areas. Whether you’re planning a day at the beach, a camping holiday, or a picnic at your local park, our mats withstand the outdoor elements. For more information on our range, contact us.