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Introducing Recycled Plastic Camping Mats

Introducing Recycled Plastic Camping Mats

Here is a shoutout to all outdoor-loving Australians who care for their natural environment and stand up for their national heritage. It is time to join the movement protecting your country’s future from the scourge of plastic waste. You can support recycled plastic camping mats from DLG Australia by buying our superior mats and making a statement against waste.

Our recycled camping mats are for Australians who value the outdoors lifestyle. We have collected and recycled over 3,000,000kg of textiles from the NSW South Coast and other Australian Sites in recent years. We champion to prevent unnecessary dumping of recyclable materials in Australia. This textile waste is recycled to form our range of home textiles (see in-store)

Environmental Benefits of Recycled Mats for Camping

When planning your next outdoor activity, consider using recycled mats.

Our recycled products provide practical solutions for the outdoors enthusiast and the environment.

  • Our mats are hardy and can handle the harshest elements that nature can deliver. They are dirt, sand, and wind tolerant, UV treated, and fast-drying. Not to mention that they are easy to clean, don’t burn your feet on hot summer days, and have incredible durability.
  • Our extensive range of recycled mats is used in the camping, outdoors, caravanning, and home décor industries. The mats come in an extensive range of colours and styles, are foldable, and have varying weights. Best of all, our prices are equal to, or less than, major retailers.
  • Our products are all made using both weaving machinery and hand-made techniques as part of the process and utilising the same or similar materials. Regardless of where the mat is made, the end product is standardised. We also manufacture recycled beach towels, tea towels, cloths, rugs, mats, handbags, and table cloths.

The Importance of Recycled Plastic Mats for Camping

Our products are built for your outdoor satisfaction and your peace of mind.

  • We have crafted our mats from 100 per cent recycled PolyPropylene – saving landfill waste. 
  • We take joy in providing you with camping mats that make life easy while enjoying nature. Our products are created with carefree Australian mums and dads in mind. We know that you love being outdoors, and we have the best-recycled mats for your purposes; from caravanning to beach frolicking, we love being under your feet.

About DLG Australia

Our business is an Australian-owned and operated start-up business. We are a boutique recycler that provides our services Australia-wide. We align our business model with organisations of all sizes that strive for zero-waste textile processing.

With 50 years of recycling knowledge and experience between our partners, we know what we are doing. Our commitment to recycling makes us stand out among our peers.

Contact us now to get involved in recycling Australia into a better future.