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RRR Australia
Recycled Plastic Rugs Designed in Australia for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Recycled Plastic Rugs Designed in Australia for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Campers, outdoor fanatics and lovers of our beautiful earth, this one is for you. Presenting our recently launched company producing recycled mats made from recycled pp plastic. DLG Australia is a family-owned business committed to producing top quality, beautiful and practical recycled plastic mats. Our team has fifty years of combined experience in recycling, retail and management. We purchase or collect dumped or excess textiles and other suitable reusable materials and repurpose them into a range of indoor rugs and home textiles via our ISO and GRS certified Commonwealth based manufacurers and recyclers. You will be satisfied knowing that the recycled rug you choose will positively impact reducing waste that causes pollution.

Benefits of Using Our Products

A quality recycled plastic rug is practical and pleasing to the eye and an investment in the future. Some of the benefits listed below are just a few reasons to consider purchasing a recycled rug:

  • We employ a stringent recycling process, purchasing or collecting excess textiles and plastic sourced from land or ocean plastic waste that would typically end up in a landfill or contaminating our natural water sources.
  • All our recycled products, including the popular rug or outdoor mat, are UV treated so they can better withstand Australia’s climate. This treatment also ensures that the temperature of the rugs never become too hot to the touch.
  • We also manufacture other handy items, including absorbent cloths, towels, kitchen towels, mats, handbags, and tablecloths that are light and easy to transport.

The Triple ‘R’ Process We Follow

We start by harvesting waste from various sources such as charities, residents and companies. If conditions allow, we pay for the material (clothing, plastic items, etc.) that will be recycled and make arrangements for collection.

  • Items are then sent to our partner recycling facility in India, where reusable items are sorted from those that can be recycled. Reusable items are then quality check and only the highest quality is distributed to International Aid
  • Organisations, Charities and Wholesalers in Countries that are in need of these.
  • The recycled items are then remanufactured into linen, rugs, towels, insulation, blankets and many more products.
    Our facility in India is fully compliant with labour legislation and regularly verified to ensure all regulations relating to environmental and HR laws are followed.

Our Wide Range of Products are Manufactured Ensuring Superior Quality

The Polypropylene items are made both by hand and using sophisticated weaving machinery. Our range of remanufactured plastic products will leave you spoilt for choice. The variety of sizes, designs and colours is vast, so you will be assured of finding something ideally suited for your needs. We employ strong weaving and stitching processes to ensure that the recycled tablecloths, cloths or rugs are perfectly finished and can withstand general wear and tear.

Cleaning is easy. Usually, a quick shake is sufficient to remove any dust or other particles. Otherwise, a quick rub down with soapy water and a cloth or even just a hose down will suffice. Visit our showroom in South Nowra or contact us online to view our range and place your order for delivery anywhere in Australia.

About DLG Australia

We bridge the gap between the demands for high-quality mats with a reduced carbon footprint to slow down climate change. Partnering with our associates in India allows us to support worthy recycling initiatives that follow fair working conditions. The result is our range of guilt-free recycled mats that boost local economies, reduce landfills, and provide you with a high-quality item that you can use anywhere. Our portable mats are ideal for any occasion and offer comfort and style to your areas. Whether you’re planning a day at the beach, a camping holiday, or a picnic at your local park, our mats withstand the outdoor elements. For more information on our range, contact us.