Recycled Mats - What is all the fuss about

Recycled Mats - What is all the fuss about

Recycled Mats, Caravan Mats, Sand-Free mats or outdoor mats. Whatever you call them, they are gaining popularity every daily, and here is why:

* Made from 100% Recycled plastics (and at DLG, we are the ONLY supplier that also recycles over 1,000,000kg of textile material from hitting AUSTRALIAN LANDFILL as part of our overall process for our home textile range)

* They can be recycled again and again. At DLG AUSTRALIA we are the ONLY company in Australia that will also take back your old mat and have it put back through our recycling process.

* Sand Free - UV treated - Mould/Mildew resistant

The huge benefit of these mats is the fact that sand and dirt fall through the mat as the weave moves. This means no residual dirt on top of the mat to walk into your tent/van/home. We treat our mats with over 20% more UV protectant per sqm than most other mats, as we DESIGN OUR MAT SPECIFICALLY TO THE AUSTRALIAN MARKET

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