We are an Australian Owned and Operated Family Business with a strong focus on ZERO waste Textile and Plastics Landfill. Our combined experience of over 40 years in the Charitable Waste and Recycling Sector puts us in a strong position to ensure the availability and facilitation of Textile Recycling steams to any Charitable and/or non-charitable organisation with ZERO textile waste aspirations.

Our partnership of companies ensures the use of 100% of all textiles received being diverted from landfill, and put to a reuse/recycle process to ensure extra life or a new life is given to these materials.

With a strong oversight of the recycling and re-manufacturing processes at our cooperative sites in India, we are able to ensure that the quality of product/s returned into the Australian market are equal to or better than Virgin Textile products, and for a more affordable price, while still meeting or exceeding our aspirational ZERO waste Textile goals.

100% RECYCLED POLY MATS - The best in OZ

Unlike other re-sellers, at DLG Australia we are a part of the entire recycling process of most of the goods we sell. We collected and recycled over 1,000,000kg of textiles from the NSW South Coast in 2019/20 as part of our FULL CIRCLE RECYCLING GOALS.

We have solid oversight of the recycling processes, the working conditions and health/safety of the workers in our supply chain both in India and in AUSTRALIA.

Designed For Australian Conditions!


We look forward to working with you to provide products and services that exceed your expectations while also being a positive influencer on Textile and Plastics recycling processes on a local and international level.

Our Products

Recycling Services

At DLG Australia, our aim is to provide FREE advice, action and easy to use processes for Charitable and non-Charitable organisations AUSTRALIA WIDE to divert 100% of their textile waste from landfill.

In addition we can provide direct collection services for all your excess textiles where we can guarantee reuse/repurpose/recycle processes will be provided for 100% of the textiles collected. In some cases, a financial return to the Textile donor can be negotiated.

We are a small, boutique recycler that focusses on cooperative consultation with our textile partners with direct face-to-face services to ensure your organisation is attaining the right Textile repurposing process to meet your company Environmental and Sustainability aspirations. We can work with you to design a process to exceeds your goals, and exceeds community expectations.

We operate this service AUSTRALIA WIDE, and with large or small organisations who strive for ZERO WASTE Textile processing.

CALL US anytime for a discussion on how we can work together to eliminate Textiles from the Australian and International waste streams while also saving your organisation significant money on unneeded waste/landfill costs.

Our Five Managing Partners

Rod Douglass

20+yrs of Senior management, including 10+ years in the Charitable Recycling Sector

Brad Garden

20+yrs of Recycling Industry experience – hands-on roles in Plastic Recycling Process

Rocky Leng

Ex-Australian Navy and Fire Fighter with Passion for Recycling

Michi Douglass

Decades of Charitable Sector Experience, product design and Customer Service

Tina Leng

Decades of Charitable Sector and NFP sector experience, Web sales and service.